Sturgeon Park Dog Care

Dog Walking Service in the St. James/Crestview/Westwood Area

Services and Rates

Training Sessions are available for $110 per session (click the paw print for more detailed information).  I can help you teach your dog to walk nicely on leash, help you resolve issues with separation anxiety, barking, destructive behaviour, and teach basic commands such as sit, stay, come, down, etc.  Training is always done using positive reinforcement and gentle teaching techniques.

Dog Walking starts at $20 for a half-hour walk, and $30 for a full hour.  GST included.

Pet care in your home while you are on vacation starts at $17 per visit for cats and small animals, and $38/day for dogs.  This service includes feeding, providing water, play time, and a nose-to-tail check.  For dogs, the cost includes three visits for bathroom breaks, short walks, play time, cuddle time, and feeding.  I can also bring in your mail, water plants, turn lights on/off and open/close blinds so it is less obvious that you are away. 

Puppy Care Program is designed to help you and your new puppy adjust.  I provide help with house-breaking, teaching puppy manners, curbing unwanted behaviours early, leash training, social skills, and more.  My fee is $75/hr for private training sessions with you and your puppy, or just $15 for puppy checks to check on puppy while you're at work, take puppy out for a bathroom break, and clean up any accidents.

Mid-Day break is for adult dogs in my area who need a short bathroom break while you're at work and is only $15. I will let your dog out for a bathroom break, make sure s/he has enough water, give your dog personal attention and a nose-to-tail check.  

Pet Taxi and Special Deliveries: Pet Taxi is a service for clients who do not have access to a vehicle and/or cannot drive their pet to the vet or groomer.  I can pick up you and your pet and give you a ride to the vet or groomer and back home. Special Deliveries is for picking up and delivering of pet food, medications, or other essentials. This is for animal services only (i.e. groomer, vet, pet store - not for a human's personal appointments or personal items) and is only available to clients already using other services. The base rate is $20, plus .45 cents per kilometer traveled.  

Cat Care is for cat-owners in my area who need someone to check on their cats while they are away.  For $17 per visit (for a maximum of 3 cats), I will drop by your home one to three times daily, ensure your cats have adequate food and water, clean their litter boxes, give them some play time and affection, and ensure they are in good health.  I will not stop by less than once per day, as cats should be checked on daily to ensure they are eating, drinking, using the litter box, and free of illness or injury.

Consultations are free for dog walking & pet sitting services.  
References available upon request. 

*Costs are for one dog, each additional pet is $5/day.

Key Pick-up/Drop-off: .45 cents per kilometre traveled if key is not provided at free consultation and for travel if key needs to be dropped off once you return home.

**Prices include 5% GST

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